Challenging 600+ Muscles in Mere Minutes... The Kettlebell is The Most Versatile Training Tool in ANY Gym

Dangerously Fit Cast Iron Kettlebells Are Powder Coated To Assist Gripping & Resist Chipping, Are Cast From A Single Piece Of Iron Making Them Virtually Indestructible & Sport A Smooth, Clean Finish

Benefits of Kettlebell Training


Recessed Weight & Logo

Colour Coded​

Smooth Finish

Powder Coating

Built to Last a Lifetime!

Gravity Moulding Technology

Our NZ kettlebells are created using a gravity cast moulding process ensuring a quality finish free from chips, cracks and uneven surfaces. This cutting-edge technology during the moulding process ensures the kettlebell is perfectly balanced, highly-accurate in weight, virtually unbreakable and without the need for putty and fillers that are used to mask imperfections on poorly cast kettlebells.

Single Casting​

The majority of kettlebells in New Zealand have the handles welded to the body which can often break off over time. Our innovative gravity cast moulding process allows us to cast our kettlebells from one solid piece of iron which ensures a strong, durable kettlebell free from weak welding points.

Professional Finish

Our assurance: a top-tier kettlebell with a weight tolerance of just +/- 3%. Only the finest kettlebells meeting our stringent criteria make the cut; any that fall short are dismissed. Our casting method guarantees your Dangerously Fit Kettlebell is robust, devoid of rough edges or casting imperfections, and features a powder-coated finish that’s both grippy and sleek.

99.9% Premium Grade Materials​

Forged from premium grade 99.9% first run iron ore, rather than cheap scrap that is used in similar looking kettlebells. Dangerously Fit NZ Kettlebells are perfectly balanced and as strong and well-made as a kettlebell can be.

Powder Coated​

Dangerously Fit Kettlebells sport a matte black finish that will assist gripping and help resist from chipping. Powder coating looks great, is excellent for holding chalk and provides a grippy surface unlike other alternatives such epoxy. Powder Coating is ultra-durable and will help prevent your kettlebell from rusting, scratching and flaking which can often happen with a cheaper lower-grade paint finish.

Colour Coded​

Save time mid-workout with strategically colour coded handles that identify a particular weight. The day’s of aimlessly searching for a specified weight are over with colour coded bands that provide you with easy identification of weight sizes.

Recessed Weight & Logo

The weight and logo are cast into the mould to provide superior comfort during lifts. Some kettlebells have a protruding logo which causes discomfort when in contact with the forearm. Even worse, some NZ kettlebells have their logo glued to the bell leaving behind a hole when it falls off causing even more discomfort.

Lifetime Warranty

Introducing a New Zealand kettlebell backed by a lifelong warranty! We assure the enduring structural integrity of your kettlebell. Dangerously Fit Kettlebells are engineered for lifelong use and possess an exceptional level of strength, rendering them virtually indestructible. Compare if any other brand matches our commitment to kettlebell quality.

Recommended Kettlebell Weights

Female – Beginner 8kg
Female – Intermediate 12kg
Female – Strong 16kg
Male – Beginner 12kg
Male – Intermediate 16kg
Male – Strong 20kg+

What Is a Kettlebell?

A kettlebell takes the form of a spherical weight made of cast iron or cast steel, resembling a cannonball with an attached handle.

Two kettlebell variations exist: standard cast iron and competition (professional grade).

Standard Cast Iron Kettlebells

Standard kettlebells feature a slightly larger handle, accommodating both one-handed and two-handed workouts.

The kettlebell’s size varies according to its weight; for instance, a 24kg kettlebell will be notably larger than an 8kg one.

Competition Kettlebells

True to their name, competition kettlebells are employed in kettlebell contests involving timed exercises.

Despite differing weights, competition kettlebells maintain a consistent size to ensure uniform grip during kettlebell routines.

These kettlebells sport handles that are typically smaller and more squared-off, reducing hand movement and better suiting single-arm exercises.

The History of Kettlebells

In Russia, kettlebells stand as a source of national pride and an emblem of strength. Kettlebell contests have been ingrained in Russian culture since the early days, when villagers engaged in competitions at fairs and festivals to showcase their skill, endurance, and power.

In 1948, the inaugural official All-Union kettlebell competition garnered over 200,000 participants, marking a transformative shift from kettlebells’ role in general conditioning to becoming a distinct sport.

Russia and Eastern Europe have cultivated kettlebell lifting into an international sport, featuring local, national, and global championships. Kettlebells are also central to the weightlifting discipline of girevoy, offering versatile training capabilities.

During the 1930s and 1940s, Sigmund Klein established a renowned weightlifting gym in New York, renowned for producing strong athletes and incorporating kettlebells into training regimens.

Prominent Soviet weightlifters like Vlasov, Zhabotinskiy, and Alexeyev commenced their Olympic careers with kettlebells. Unlike most military forces relying on push-ups for testing, the Russian armed forces evaluate soldiers’ prowess through high-volume kettlebell snatches using a 24kg kettlebell.

From serving as weights for market goods in Russia to evolving into a tool for athletic development and wellness, the kettlebell gradually evolved into its own sport. By 1974, it was officially recognized as Russia’s ethnic sport, culminating in the First National Championship of the USSR held in Lipetsk, Russia, in 1985.

In the USA, Europe, and Australia, kettlebells were virtually absent during the latter part of the 20th century. However, in 1998, Pavel Tsatouline, a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor and acclaimed “modern king of kettlebells,” authored a well-received article on kettlebells in a popular American strength magazine, catalyzing the rise of kettlebell training in the Western world.

Kettlebell Lunge
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