Steel Maces Are The #1 Training Tool For Developing Bullet Proof Shoulders, a Strong Core & a Powerful Grip.

The Highly Versatile Mace Is Also Perfect For Challenging Every Muscle In The Body With Fun Full-Body ‘Steel Mace Flow’ Workouts!

Sharp Knurling Grip

The textured knurling on the handle enhances your grip, enabling you to confidently swing heavier weights without worrying about the mace slipping from your grasp.

Steel Cap Tip

The robust steel cap tip on our maces maintains its smoothness, unlike plastic tips which can become rough over time and potentially cause skin abrasions on your hands.

Powder Coated Finish

The powder-coated paint offers a sleek yet tactile texture, enhancing your grip even when your hands are sweating, and also serves as a protective barrier against chipping.

Weight in Kg

The mace head is perfectly weighted and marked with the weight for effortless recognition, saving you from the hassle of aimlessly searching for your preferred weight during your workout.

Benefits of Steel Mace Training

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What Size Steel Mace Should I Start With?

If you haven’t trained with a leveraged tool like a steel mace or steel club before, they can feel very awkward to begin with. A 4kg steel mace feels very different to a 4kg dumbbell or 4kg kettlebell because the point of contact is much further away from the centre of mass.

By gripping the macebell closer to the head (choking up), you can shorten the leverage thus decreasing the difficultly of the exercise.

It’s always best to start with a light weight at first, then increase the weight once you’ve mastered how to control, stabilise and move the mace dynamically.

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What is a Steel Mace?

The Mace, also referred to as a Steel Mace, Macebell and Gada (in India), has been around for thousands of years.

This weapon of war has been used in battle by Hindu warriors 2000 years ago, the Persians 1000 years ago and the Europeans in the 12th Century.

Due to the offset load unevenly distributed in the head of the mace, the Pelwhani wrestlers of India have been training with the ‘Gada’ for centuries to build shoulder strength, increase shoulder mobility and improve grip and rotational core strength.

And now, this ultimate unconventional strength training tool is making a comeback with many personal trainers, wrestlers, and athletes making the Steel Mace a staple part of their functional strength programs.

How Do I Swing a Steel Mace?

Traditional Steel Mace Exercises

The steel mace 360 and 10-to-2 are traditional gada movements. Both of these exercises are excellent for building bullet proof shoulders, a powerful grip and strong core.

But, the steel mace isn’t limited to just working the grip and shoulders, it’s a fantastically versatile tool that can be used many ways to create fun full body workouts.

Heavy Steel Mace 360
Heavy Steel Mace 10 to 2