The Practical, Versatile, Affordable, Quick Loading Adjustable Club & Mace

The Ultimate Strength Tool Inspired by the Traditional Indian Gada

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The Maverick Club is the shortest among the three options, measuring 60cm in height. It has a starting weight of 2kg when empty, which makes it well-suited for beginners. However, it can also be loaded with up to 25kg of weight, providing a challenging option for even the most experienced lifters. The Club is versatile and can be used for single-arm training, doubles training, and two-handed exercises.

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The Maverick Torque is positioned at the midpoint between a club and a mace in terms of length. It has a height of 80cm and an empty weight of slightly less than 2.5kg. It can be loaded with weight up to 27.5kg. The additional 20cm length in its handle provides extra leverage, making it somewhat more difficult to control compared to a club. The Torque is versatile and suitable for both single-arm training and two-handed exercises.

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The Maverick Mace stands as the longest among the three, towering at a height of 109cm. Its base weight is 2.5kg when unladen, but its capacity allows for loading of up to 30kg or potentially more. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for individuals ranging from beginners to advanced users. Its extended length provides increased leverage, making it particularly well-suited for mace flows, single-arm training, and two-handed movements.

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Weight Plate Loaded Adjustable Bamboo Mace

The Maverick Mace is an adjustable bamboo mace that can be loaded with any 51mm weight plate (Olympic bar style plate).

With every mace/club, you’ll receive a 0.5kg bamboo weight and lock jaw collar, giving you the flexibility to increase or decrease the weight as required.

Crafted from sturdy bamboo with a sleek silk varnish finish, the Maverick Mace is not only durable but also extremely versatile.

The laser engraved logo adds a touch of style, making it a unique and eye-catching addition to your gym equipment.

The handle of the Maverick Mace features knurling and a comfortable sphere pommel, providing a natural and comfortable grip that makes it easier to hold the mace when using heavier loads.

Affordable & Practical

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Rapidly Adjustable


Precision Workmanship

bamboo timber

Silk Varnish Coating


Pommel & Knurling

knurling handle and pommel

1 x 0.5kg Weight & Collar Included

bamboo weight and collar

Laser Engraved Logo

laser logo

Versatile & Portable


Inspired by the traditional gada used by Pehlwani wrestlers in India, this adjustable weight plate-loaded bamboo mace is the perfect addition to your training arsenal.

The Maverick Mace stands as the ideal training companion, catering to both newcomers and seasoned lifters. It not only offers cost-efficiency but also practicality and adaptability, rendering it an indispensable addition to any workout regimen.

Whether you prefer flow-based workouts or traditional club and mace training, The Maverick Mace exhibits the versatility to satisfy your needs.

Thanks to the micro-load system, you can utilize fractional weights, creating an optimal strength progression strategy to overcome training plateaus effectively.

Crafted from bamboo, the Maverick Mace is not only strong and durable but also sustainable.

Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant and requires zero chemicals and pesticides, making it an eco-friendly choice.

In fact, bamboo has a higher tensile and compressive strength than many materials like steel and concrete, making it incredibly strong and reliable.

To ensure the weight plates stay securely in place, we recommend using one collar for every 8kg loaded onto the mace.

Upgrade your training with the Maverick Mace today and experience the benefits of this versatile and eco-friendly fitness tool.

traditional mace training
traditional mace training
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