Forge Unstoppable Real World Functional Strength & Revolutionise Your Training with The Dangerously Fit Sandbag

Ultra Versatile: Suitable for Home Workouts, Commercial Gyms and Outdoor Training

Sturdy Sandbags that are Built to Last!

Dangerously Fit sandbags are constructed using rugged Nylon Cordura material, a high-strength, air jet-textured nylon tested in the most challenging environments to resist tearing, stretching, or breaking.

To ensure durability, the bag is enclosed with robust YKK zips, sealed with double nylon stitching, and secured with heavy-duty military-grade Velcro, keeping the inner components in place.

The filler bags, also made from Nylon Cordura, feature double Velcro roll-down seals for easy filling and a secure, leak-free seal, preventing sand from escaping. These filler bags are intentionally smaller than the exterior bag, shifting the center of mass and enhancing the instability of sand-based training.

This sandbag offers remarkable versatility with its seven reinforced lifting handles, enabling a wide range of grip positions for pushing, pulling, swinging, carrying, and throwing exercises.

The handles are crafted from strong, ribbed, hardened plastic, providing the necessary grip stiffness for comfortable lifting.

Dangerously Fit Sandbags are designed for long-lasting performance and are up for any fitness challenge!



Ribbed Reinforced Plastic Handles

Tear-Resistant Nylon Cordura Fabric

Highly Durable YKK Zippers

Logo & Weight Skill-Fully Stitched

Robust Military-Grade Velcro

Strong Bonded Nylon Thread

Suggested Sandbag Weight Guidelines

Sandbags can be filled to your preferred weight by adding or removing sand, allowing for progressive adjustments as you build strength. If uncertain, it’s advisable to begin with a lighter load and gradually increase the weight as you become more skilled in performing the fundamental movements. Here are my recommended starting weights:

Average man10kg
Strong man15kg
Very strong man20kg+
Average woman5kg
Strong woman10kg
Very strong woman15kg

Sandbag Training Benefits

What Is Sandbag Training?

Sandbag training is a versatile and functional fitness method that involves using sand-filled bags as resistance for various strength and conditioning exercises. It’s a form of unconventional training that challenges your stability, strength, and endurance by incorporating the unpredictability of the shifting sand inside the bag. Sandbag training can target different muscle groups and improve functional strength, making it valuable for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enhance their physical fitness.

Sandbags utilise the unpredictable nature of sand as an external load. Unlike traditional ‘dead weight’ training equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and machine weights, sandbags are considered ‘live weight’ due to the shifting center of mass within the bag.

The extent of movement inside the bag is determined by both the size of the bag and how densely it is packed. For instance, a large bag with a small amount of sand will exhibit much greater instability than a small bag filled with a larger amount of sand.”

Anatomy of a Dangerously Fit Sandbag

The sandbag serves as a versatile training tool, perfect for a wide range of pressing, pulling, and ballistic movements. Its array of handle options offers various ways to use the bag, challenging different muscle groups and engaging all movement planes.

Pressing: When using the neutral grip handles, pressing engages the triceps more, while a wider grip focuses on the deltoids. Ultimately, select the grip that feels most comfortable for you.

Pulling: Close grip handles are excellent for rowing exercises, emphasizing latissimus dorsi development, while wide grip rows target the trapezius, rhomboid, and rear deltoid muscles. To evenly work all back muscles, utilize both grips.

Ballistic: Ballistic exercises like cleans, high-pulls, and snatches can be executed with any of the handles. However, for enhanced shoulder stability and reduced wrist strain, parallel or neutral grip handles are generally recommended.

Moreover, the bag offers versatile use, including carries with the carry handle and various exercises such as throwing, dragging, and swinging.

sandbag strength training

5 Gripping Options






Fundamental Sandbag Exercises

Shoulder Thrusters

Clean & Press

Split Snatch

Side Swing

Power Jerk

Rotational Clean

Our premium sandbags can be shipped swiftly and affordably to various locations in New Zealand, including cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Dunedin, and others. We also provide international shipping options. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp for the best rates on bulk orders destined for international locations.