The Unique Design of the Bulgarian Bag is Perfectly Suited for Performing Pressing, Pulling, Spinning, and Swinging Movements that Develop Full Body Strength, a Powerful Core and a Formidable Grip

Made From Durable Vinyl that Resists Tearing, Featuring Numerous Handles to Strengthen Your Grip and Robust Straps for Added Stability…. Dangerously Fit Bulgarian Bags are Built to Last!


Tear Proof Vinyl

The bag is constructed using robust rip-resistant vinyl, guaranteeing exceptional durability.

Durable Webbing Straps

The sturdy straps are used to enhance your grip while performing dynamic swinging movements.

Tapered Handles

The main handles are tapered helping you build a formidable grip.

Thumb Crease Design

Aids in maintaining a secure grip when grasping the main handles and offers an optimal placement for your thumbs.

Thick Side Handle

The side handles, used for pressing, pulling, and swinging exercises, are particularly effective in developing pinch grip strength.

Triple-Layered Casing Sandbag

Sandbags with a three-layered casing to prevent internal damage, reinforced by a composite foam lining for added comfort.

What Size Bag Should I Buy?

Weight Recommendations

Profile Bag Weight
Average woman 5kg
Strong woman 10kg
Very strong women 15kg
Profile Bag Weight
Average man 10kg
Strong man 15kg
Very strong man 20kg+

Bulgarian Bag Training Benefits

What Is a Bulgarian Bag?

The Bulgarian Bag takes the form of a crescent-shaped bag, crafted from materials like vinyl, leather, or canvas, and filled with sand.

Equipped with an array of handles and straps, this bag facilitates effortless spinning, swinging, lifting, and rotation across multiple planes of motion.

Furthermore, it can be carried, dragged, spun, and swung with in an almost boundless array of methods, showcasing the Bulgarian bag’s extraordinary versatility and functional training capability.

Its contour complements the body’s shape, ensuring that traditional strength exercises like lunges, squats, and good mornings can be executed comfortably.

Bulgarian bag rack

Bulgarian Bag Anatomy

The front and side handles are excellent for enhancing pinch grip strength, primarily used for pressing and pulling exercises, though they can also be utilized for swinging and spinning exercises.

The main handles, which gradually broaden from the bag’s body, are effective in developing crush grip strength and are predominantly used for swinging and spinning movements, while they can also support pressing and pulling routines.

The attached straps to the main handles play a crucial role in aiding grip during swing and spin motions when grasping the main handles.

The thumb crease denotes the point where the body of the bag connects with the main handles, providing an optimal position for placing your thumbs when gripping the main handles.

Thanks to its crescent shape, the bag, along with its handles and straps, proves ideal for executing swinging, spinning, and rotational actions across multiple planes.

Lastly, the crescent shape of the bag aligns with the body’s contours, rendering traditional linear exercises like lunges, squats, and good mornings comfortable to execute.

Bulgarian bag nz

Bulgarian Bag Exercises







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