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Lift the Aqua Ball and immediately experience the unpredictable, dynamic effects of water-loaded training. The versatile Aqua Ball can be used as a medicine ball or kettlebell, effortlessly adapting through hand positioning and exercise selection.

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  • Use the highly versatile Aqua Ball as a medicine ball or kettlebell.
  • Enhance your adaptability to quick, unexpected, unpredictable changes in load and build full-body stability like no other training tool.
  • Save money buying equipment with one ball that can be loaded with additional water as you become stronger.
  • Instability resistance training (IRT) is scientifically proven to achieve greater core activation than traditional strength training with a ‘dead’ weight.
  • Train anywhere, anytime – the Dangerously Fit Aqua Ball is the ultimate travel companion.
  • Feel the unpredictable force of water as it flows freely through the ball, forcing the body to control and stabilise the moving ‘live’ weight.

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Small (Fill to 15kg), Medium (Fill to 35kg), Large (Fill to 65kg)


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