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By adjusting your hand placement and choosing different exercises, you can transform the incredibly adaptable Aqua Ball into either a Medicine Ball or a Kettlebell. In contrast to traditional kettlebells made from steel or iron, the Aqua Ball is designed with a soft exterior, providing added comfort when performing exercises like the clean and snatch. You can also save money by investing in a single Aqua Ball, which can be customized to your preferred weight by simply adding more water to increase resistance as your strength increases. The largest Aqua Ball can hold up to a maximum of 65kg, making it a cost-effective alternative to many other strength training tools.


The Aqua Bulgarian Bag combines the adaptability of the Bulgarian bag with the kinetic energy of water, resulting in a training tool that is unparalleled in its ability to enhance strength, stability, and explosive power. This unique bag design excels in performing swinging and spinning movements across various planes of motion, building torque, full-body strength, and a robust core. Its crescent shape effortlessly conforms to the body, rendering traditional strength training exercises such as squats, lunges, and good mornings comfortable to execute.


The Aqua Power Bag’s soft construction provides a safer and more user-friendly option compared to a rigid barbell when performing intricate movements. Opting for a “live” weight rather than a “dead” weight enables users to enhance traditional strength exercises like squats and deadlifts without placing excessive strain on the spine. Furthermore, the bag can be used unilaterally to shoulder the weight, generating rotational and side-bending forces on the trunk. This, in turn, forces the deep superficial trunk muscles to engage more extensively in order to maintain optimal postural alignment.

What is Dynamic Responsive Training?

Dynamic Responsive Training, abbreviated as D.R.T., represents a philosophy aimed at enhancing movement and increasing adaptability by incorporating dynamic external resistance.

D.R.T. leverages the reactive, ever-changing, and unpredictable characteristics of water as an unstable resistance training medium.

In this approach, each repetition presents a unique challenge, demanding the activation of all muscles to control and stabilize the constantly shifting forces exerted by the water.

Dynamic Responsive Training Benefits

Enhance Corrective Feedback

When lifting a dead weight, such as in a barbell single-leg deadlift, it’s often possible to overlook lifting errors without full awareness. However, when executing the same exercise with an Aqua bag, any mistake immediately prompts the water to shift to one side, bringing attention to the error and intensifying the corrective feedback. This intrinsic feedback received during the exercise promotes enhanced learning and improved motor skills development.

Extremely Versatile

The Aqua bags design offers a remarkable level of versatility, enabling you to perform a wide range of movements, including pressing, pulling, and various dynamic exercises. Furthermore, the water-filled PVC bags are easy to grip and soft to hold, making bodyweight exercises like squats and good mornings comfortable to perfrom. The various handle positions cater to different grips, adding an unparalleled variety to your training routine.


Increasing the load is a fundamental aspect of building strength, yet an effective strength progression system is often neglected in many training programs. This oversight contributes to the plateauing of strength gains experienced by many individuals. Aqua Bags offer an ideal solution as a micro-loading training tool—simply add additional water after each workout and witness the significant improvements in your strength gains.

Move in Multiple Planes

The human body naturally engages in three-dimensional movement across three planes: 1) Sagittal, 2) Frontal, and 3) Transverse. Consequently, integrating all three movement planes into a training program yields a more well-rounded approach, enhancing an individual’s capacity to handle the challenges of daily life. D.R.T (Dynamic Responsive Training) facilitates unilateral and multi-planar exercises, contributing to the improvement of balance, mobility, and the enhancement of functional movement.

Exceptional Core Engagement

Dynamic Responsive Training (D.R.T) establishes comprehensive stability throughout the entire body, starting from the foundation, and is backed by scientific evidence for achieving heightened core activation. By harnessing the instability properties of water, D.R.T forces your core to remain engaged during virtually every Aqua bag exercise. This, in turn, amplifies the recruitment of maximum muscle fibers, enhances motor control, and elevates overall full-body stabilization.

Metabolic Training

The adaptability of Aqua bags lends itself perfectly to flow workouts, where sequences of three or more exercises are performed consecutively without pause. These full-body flow workouts effectively elevate heart rate and promote the development of lean muscle mass, making them an excellent fit for Metcon (metabolic conditioning) workouts. This style of training is highly efficient, particularly effective for fat loss, and results in a higher calorie burn compared to many other training methods.

Improve Joint Stability

Dynamic Responsive Training (D.R.T) enhances your ability to adapt to unpredictable, sudden, and rapid changes in resistance by leveraging the free-flowing nature of water, creating dynamic resistance. This dynamic resistance compels your body to actively participate in controlling and stabilizing the continuously shifting load. The consequent enhancement in active stability not only boosts athletic performance but also reduces the risk of injury by preparing your body to handle unforeseen challenges effectively.

Easily Portable

Enjoy home workouts without causing damage to your floors or discomfort to your feet, or conveniently fold up and take your training anywhere you go. Weighing less than 1kg, Aqua products are highly portable and can be effortlessly stowed in your luggage, making them the ultimate travel training companion. Simply fill them with water, add air, and you’re ready for an effective workout session wherever you are!

Unilateral Strength

The Aqua Power Bag’s unique shape, design, and various handles make it an excellent fit for unilateral training. Unilateral training involves single-leg or single-arm exercises that address both sides of the body equally, effectively addressing muscle imbalances. Additionally, unilateral training is advantageous for enhancing athletic performance, as it targets explosive movements like sprinting, jumping, turning, and throwing, providing a comprehensive approach to developing functional strength and coordination.

Fundamental Bulgarian Aqua Bag Exercises


Lamb Swing


Fundamental Aqua Ball Exercises


Russian Twist

Pivot Side Snatch

Fundamental Aqua Power Bag Exercises

Side Swing

Trunk Twist

Shoulder Press