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Indian Club Wall Rack


A wall-mounted storage rack, the Indian Club Wall Rack is exclusively designed to accommodate lighter wooden and poly (plastic) clubs.

With a capacity for six clubs, this offers a straightforward and practical solution for organising your training space while mitigating potential safety concerns.

With a 38mm (1.49 inches) gape, this flexible rack is engineered to cater to a broad selection of Indian clubs.

Fashioned from durable timber, the Indian club rack is both robust and functional, creating a visually appealing ensemble when combined with our Bamboo Indian clubs.

Be advised that this rack is not appropriate for heavy clubs. If you need storage for heavy steel clubbells, we suggest checking out our Club & Mace Floor Rack.

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Steel Mace & Club Rack


With the capacity to safely store up to 20 clubs or maces, this sturdy storage rack presents a straightforward and practical answer to organising your training environment and reducing potential safety concerns.

Designed to handle substantial weight, this flexible rack is expertly crafted to house an assortment of steel clubbells, steel maces, and Indian clubs.

Made from durable timber, the Club & Mace Floor Rack showcases strength, functionality, and an attractive visual appeal.